Joan A. Watters, Esq. 
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Joan A. Watters, Esq   Hello! My name is Joan A. Watters.

I am an experienced and peer endorsed Attorney, approaching the 20 year mark practicing law in California. Having dealt with most issues of Family Law, Estate Planning, and Probate, I decided to maintain this informational site to answer the many common questions facing California families and individuals regarding Wills and Trusts, Estate Planning in general, Estate Administration, Probate, and Divorce Law. Because I have also realized extraordinary success in appealing Family Law orders and overturning unfair rulings, you will find a section dedicated to Appellate Practice. When people (often other attorneys) come to me with questions, I often refer them to this site.

I now dedicate my practice exclusivley to Estate Planning, Probate and Appeals. I no longer represent Famliy Law litigants. However, because of my reputation and experience, I am asked -and so continue- to mentor or represent those who require an experienced Appellate Attorney when challenging a Family Law decision at the Appellate level.

This is my site, dedicated to informational presentations that provide essential information and answers to what I have found to be the most frequently-asked questions about Estate Planning, Family Law, and Appeals, all presented through accesabile, easy-to-watch videos. The selection of material is gleaned from years of providing legal representation and consultation.

Your questions may very well be answered right here. So let's talk law!     (Qualifications?  See:  OUR CASES   TESTIMONIALS and all ABOUT ME!)

Joan A.Watters, Esq. 







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