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Occasionally the Judge gets it wrong!                                     

Take charge. Below you will find a short summary of some -but not all- legal remedies available to you to attack a judgment or order if there exists a legal and/or factual basis and you act in a timely manner. I have been successful 100% of the time on Appeal! Check out OUR CASES.



You may -based upon new or different facts, circumstances, or law- apply to the judge who made an order to reconsider the matter and modify, amend, or revoke the order. This remedy may be available to you, but you must not delay. A proper and timely motion must be made. 

Set Asidemotion

An order may be set aside if it was taken by "mistake, inadvertence, surprise, or excusable neglect." An order may be set aside if obtained by extrinsic fraud. 

An order or Judgment is "void" if it was entered when the court lacked personal or subject matter jurisdiction.



New Trialmotion

There are a few grounds upon which a party can motion the court for a new trial in a Family Law matter. The statutory grounds are primarily governed by Code of Civil Procedure Section 657 et seq.

The notice of intention to move for a new trial must be timely filed. Strict guidelines and procedures apply.


When the facts of your case were properly determined, but the judgment fails to conform to the facts and decision, you can move to vacate the judgment and enter a new one. 




Appealdon't delay

An appeal is initiated by timely filing a "Notice of Appeal." If you miss your deadline, you lose your right to appeal. An appeal is available to rectify legal and factual errors that resulted in a miscarriage of justice.

I have successfully overturned several family law orders by utilizing the Appellate Process. Many very strict requirements must be met when pursuing an appeal. 

Do not delay if you believe you have a Family Law order or Judgment resulting from legal error, insufficient evidence, or an abuse of discretion. Contact us for an initial consultation to review your particular circumstances.


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You should immediately consult with an attorney if you believe you have an appealable or reversible judgment or order.

For a consultation to review your particular facts and circumstances, please schedule an appointment. Time is of the essence.


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