Joan A. Watters, Esq. 
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We are producing informational videos on many aspects of estate planning, wills and trusts, the divorce process, covering many topics common to the experience, and the process of overturning judgments and orders using the Appellate Process.  These informational videos will help answer many of the important and frequent questions raised.  

Our objective is to provide helpful information with the goal of assisting you in resolving your family law issues.  The information to be provided will not be legal advice, but will provide guidance on the general procedural requirements and issues common to most proceedings.  Should you need legal advice, you should consult with the attorney of your choice.  

We are respectful of the fact that the costs of hiring an attorney are beyond the means of many.  It is our hope and desire that these informational videos will assist those who will be representing themselves by providing general information on the process and procedures common to California Family Law proceedings.

The  presentations should be available by third quarter 2015.

Estate Planning Videos

Family Law Videos

Appellate Practice